INST-801: Theoretical and Epistemological Foundations in Information Studies

2022 Fall; 2023 Fall

Introduces doctoral students to the diverse scholarly traditions that comprise information studies, and how scholarly evidence and knowledge differ between them. Examines why there are so many ways of knowing and methods of discovery within our field, and helps students identify the social theory and methods that will support their path through information scholarship.

INST-802: Pragmatic and Methodological Foundations for Information Studies

2022 Spring

Helps new doctoral students develop a reflective practice they can rely on to turn their interests into valuable new insights in an interdisciplinary domain like Information Studies. Specific practices include 1) regularly developing your ideas in conversation with the literature, 2) navigating interdisciplinary literatures, collaborators, and scholarly networks, and 3) recognizing and selecting research problems that can lead to valuable new insights.

INST-888: Doctoral Seminar

2019 Spring; 2020 Spring; 2021 Fall

Helps new doctoral students develop the skills and techniques needed to navigate the complexity of a multi-paradigm field such as Information Studies.

INST-126: Introduction to Programming for Information Professionals

2018 Fall; 2020 Spring, Fall; 2021 Spring, 2023 Spring

An introduction to computer programming for students with very limited or no previous programming experience. Topics include fundamental programming concepts such as variables, data types, assignments, arrays, conditionals, loops, functions, and I/O operations.

HDCC208Z: Hacking the Creative Process: Theories, Practices and Tools

2019 Fall

Special seminar in the Design Cultures and Creativity living and learning program. Students learn how to design/tune their processes for doing creative work, drawing on an integrated mix of theory, practice, and cutting-edge tools for supporting creativity, such as AI-supported computational interfaces, crowdsourcing systems, and rapid prototyping tools.

INST-201: Introduction to Information Science

2018 Spring, Fall

Examining effects of new information technologies on how we conduct business, interact with friends, and go through our daily lives. Understanding how technical and social factors have influenced evolution of information society. Evaluating the transformative power of information in education, policy, and entertainment—and the dark side of these changes.