All News and Updates

Jun 2021 John Morabito presents his Master’s thesis work on context and scholarly synthesis as a paper at Creativity and Cognition 2021!
May 2021 Received $50k in seed funding from Protocol Labs for our work on sustainable infrastructures for knowledge synthesis!
Feb 2019 We published a perspective piece on our computational analogy work in PNAS, and got some press coverage of it too!
Nov 2018 I joined the Program Committee and agreed to co-chair Demos at CSCW 2019.
Nov 2018 I received a Research Improvement Grant (RIG) from the iSchool to explore infrastructures for collective design involving government, citizens, nonprofits, foundations, and entrepreneurs in Baltimore.
Oct 2018 I joined (as Co-PI) an IMLS-funded project exploring the role of libraries in supporting the information needs of small local businesses trying to innovate. More info at the project website.
Sep 2018 I joined the Program Committee for Creativity and Cognition 2019.
Sep 2018 2 new NSF grants have officially been awarded! One (Co-PI) with Mark Fuge from UMD MechE, to develop a theory of when diverse initial ideas lead to better final design solutions, and one (Co-PI) with Niki Kittur (CMU HCII) and Dafna Shahaf (Hebrew University CSE) to accelerate innovation by creating new systems that support analogical search.
Sep 2018 New paper on combining crowdsourcing and machine learning to find analogies between research papers accepted to CSCW 2018! New Jersey, here we come! Camera-ready version here.
Aug 2018 Xin Qian joins the MegaCognition Lab as a first-year PhD student, fresh off a Master’s in Language Technologies from CMU’s Language Technologies Institute, to work on sensemaking technologies for collaboration at scale. Welcome, Xin Qian!!
Apr 2018 2 extended abstracts accepted as full paper presentations at Collective Intelligence 2018, one summarizing our recent work on computational analogy, and another with Saiph Savage on scaling up personalized feedback and mentoring for crowd work. Zurich, here we come!
Jan 2018 Camera-ready preprint for our CHI paper on helping designers explore abstract redescriptions of their design problems is ready! Read it here.
Dec 2017 New work on helping designers explore abstract redescriptions of their design problems conditionally accepted to CHI 2018! Preprint coming soon.
Nov 2017 Accepted invitation to the program committee for Collective Intelligence 2018! Consider submitting your work to be shared in July in Zurich (partially co-located with HCOMP 2018)
Aug 2017 Our work on physical spaces and divergent thinking received a mention in a Fast Company piece on designing creative office workspaces!
Aug 2017 Attending new faculty orientation at UMD!
Jul 2017 Our paper on crowdsourcing computational analogy won best paper at KDD ‘17! Read the paper here, and watch a quick (and super fun) video sypnosis here.
May 2017 New paper on crowdsourcing computational analogy accepted to KDD ‘17!
Apr 2017 Accepted invitation to join the PC for CSCW 2018 online first.